Play Red Ball 1 without walkthrough help

If you want to relax and be entertained during your free time, the best thing to do is to play Red Ball game series. It is a physics-based adventure game that is truly addicting yet enjoyable to play. Challenge yourself until you finish the game. This is a fast paced game where you will be rolling and jumping but make sure that you won’t be caught in traps or get in touch with foes. Do not let yourself fall down from platforms.

There are seventeen levels in red ball 1. Every level is good enough to measure your intelligence even you are playing online games. You might find the first few levels easy because those are the tutorial stage. Every level is distinctive from one another. Aside from the overview of new hurdles in each level, there are also new problems presented for you to solve. There also checkpoints strategically located in each and every level. Those checkpoints are represented by miniature red flags. Make a roll through them to raise the flag. Your development will be noted by the game when the flag is upraised. In case you lose a life, you will be taken back to the last checkpoint you have passed.

Your main mission in every level is to reach the red flag at finish line of the level. Though, expect and be ready because that is no simple journey. There are hindrances to overcome including some problems to solve as you continue on your adventure up to the end of the level. Some levels may seem impossible to finish too but definitely possible. You have nothing to worry because all levels are capable of being solved. As a proof, you can find videos of other players showing how they got through each level of red ball 1.

To enjoy the game, visit red ball fan sites. The game is totally free. Meaning there is nothing to pay at all. You need not to log in to or make an account before playing. If you see sites asking you to pay to log in or make an account, leave such sites straightaway.