Ride once more in Free Rider 3!

Craving for more extreme bike action like the ones in Free Rider 1 and 2? Looking for more maps to complete and more obstacles to overcome? Well, you are in luck because the game is back with more exciting stuff for you to play with! Kano Games is back with Free Rider 3 where you get to live out your biking dreams in the virtual world. Help your character reach the finish by maneuvering him through the ups and downs, the spirals, the hills, and the valleys that he will be racing in. The controls of the game are very easy. You just need to use your arrows to determine the speed and direction of the bike.
Now, stop drooling and Star playing. Playing Free Rider 3 will definitely leave you wanting for more.


Get Pretty with Super Dress Up

If you’re one of those people who like to dress people up, then Super Dress Up is the game for you. Equipped with various clothes and accessories that will capture your attention, this game is super fun and enjoyable to play. From beautiful oriental clothes down to simple shirts and flannels, you can dress your player in the prettiest outfits you can find. Aside from dressing your character up into nice and fancy clothes, you also get to alter her features to your heart’s content. You can change her hairstyle, skin complexion, eye color, lip color and so much more! How cool is that? Very cool! You just have to click and drag items in order to complete the wardrobe and appearance change.
Super Dress Up is definitely the game to play if you are into fashion. If you dream of being a fashion consultant in the future, there is no better way to practice than to play this game.

Destroy the demons in Demon Destroyer 2

If you have finished all the levels of Demon Destroyer 1 yet you’re still looking for more, then you have been blessed the god of games. Why? It’s because demon destroyer is back with more in Demon Destroyer 2! More fun and exciting levels are once again available for your gaming pleasures. To pass a level, drag and aim each tadpole from the pentagram and throw the demon from the platform. You don’t have to drop all the demons to pass a level. You just have to complete the necessary points and voila! Off you go to the next level. Be sure to catch the skulls, too, in order to gain bonus points.

Practice your aiming skills and test your accuracy with this amazing game. Demon Destroyer 2 will definitely make your day so what are you waiting for? Play now!

Hot pipes in Steam and Brass

Today ever persons loves a good pipe game. Don’t think that these pipe are cold and easy to touch. The pipes are very hot and full of scalding steam, so the player must be very careful. The Octupus which has the pink color is a better source of acknowledging the things, by the way. The game has excellent sounds and it’s a fun game. A major problem while you start playing each level is taht you have to reset the timer each time at the beginning of the level. So try to set the maximum time, so that way, probably you will be able to achieve the target and good score
So, the goal is simple, just finish the pipe system and make sure to do it fast before the time provided, runs out. Enjoy it.

Reach the destination quickly in Worms Level 2

This is the second installment of the series, Worms Level, named Worms Level 2. Although, the game has the same features as version 1, but it has some different controls and methods to play. The mouse, arrow keys and 1, 2 can be used to control the game.
To walk, use the right arrow, to jump, Up arrow can be used, to change the gun, use 1 and 2 keys. Remember, the gun will be found while you play. What is your goal? Well, make sure to reach the destination and do it fast before the sun rises, so hurry up and avoid staying alone. Keep in mind that for shooting and moving, different tools will be used, so moving is possible with arrows, while the mouse can be used for shooting.