Kill the enemies in Strike Force Heroes 3

If you are looking for an exciting action-packed game to play online, the Strike Force Heroes game series is a must-play game for you then. Enjoy shooting all enemies on the screen and pick up power-ups. There are some games which have the same gameplay, but you will surely not get bored with Strike Force Heroes for it has a variety of goals which will keep you enthusiast as you play.

The third installment, Strike Force Heroes 3, is said to be the longest and hardest in the series and the most sophisticated in terms of graphics. It has several video clips which make the game story more realistic. There are fifty missions for you to get through. The first twenty missions are tagged as normal in difficulty, the next nine missions are said to be harder than the first twenty and the remaining missions are the most difficult part of the game. Each mission has different objectives and different rewards as well. Among the rewards are cash, a new strike force hero, new weapon for your hero or combinations of these. You also get to unlock the next mission. You can spend your cash in upgrading your heroes as well as its accessories.

Strike Force Heroes 3’s concept is similar to some games in terms of the main objective: kill all enemies on sight. However, it differs in the goal of every mission. Some missions will ask you to kill a specified number of enemy soldiers; some will give you a time frame to kill a specific number of enemy soldiers; and a lot more objectives. These different objectives also make Strike Force Heroes games more exciting and sensational than some games.

Strike Force Heroes 3 is an addicting challenging defense game full of action. If you like war-like games, you will surely enjoy playing and would probably ask for more. Only, it is not advisable to play it on slow computers because of the high quality graphics. What more, it is totally free to play. There is nothing to pay and there is no need to create or log on into any account in order to play.