Hunt treasures in Duck Life 5

If you are looking for an adventure game full of action yet will not give you stress, you should try playing Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt. From the successful game series Duck Life, comes the fifth installment. But unlike in the first four prequels where you will train your duckling and join racing tournaments, duck life 5 brings a new game play.

In duck life 5, you will not be training your duckling anymore as a preparation for races and tournaments. Instead, you will be hunting treasures and rare artifacts in the cave of the volcano. After the Fire Duck had been defeated, rumors have it that there are hidden treasures in the depths of the now dormant volcano. Treasure hunters all over the world are now flowing in the cave in search for the said treasures. Be the first to find these treasures to loot on them.

There are no more trainings and tournaments to win in Duck Life 5. The racing game has turned into a full adventure game. A lot of changes and improvements were made. For one, the once one game shop has been divided into several game shops. Outside the volcano cave, you will find six game shops. These are the Mechanic Shop where you can buy tools and accessories, the Pet Shop where you can buy pets, the JetPack Shop where you can purchase jetpacks, the Hairdresser and the Clothing stores where you can personalized your duckling and the Witch Ducktor Store where you can buy tools to collect more coins. All items in the game shops are not simply decorative; they add some boosts to your skills or are useful in your journey.

When you play the game, you will be confronted by some Challenges you should surpass. Try to achieve these challenges for better score points. As you explore the inside of the cave, try to collect as much coin as you can to add to your cash. The pets, tools and accessories from the game shops are quite expensive. It will help you a lot in your quest to acquire all or some of them. Visit the site for more information and to also be able to play the game for free.