Click and play Earn to Die 4

Zombie games are scary yet exciting to play. Zombies were introduced as the undead and are foul creatures which will either infect you or eat you. When they scratch you or had bitten you, you could also turn into one of them. and if you do enjoy zombie games, Click to play Earn to die. The Earn To Die game series is a zombie game where you need to escape by driving a vehicle and run-over zombies.

In playing Earn To Die, you drive as far as possible while running over zombies which are trying to stop you. you earn cash for the number of zombies killed and the distance you have reached. Every run is equivalent to a day. At the end of the day, you need to upgrade your vehicle for better performance. The areas to upgrade are the boost, wheels, transmissions, fuel, engines and weapon. It would be better to upgrade your fuel tank first to reach longer distance. Click to play Earn to die.

To finish a game of Earn to Die, you will need three vehicles. Only, the upgrades you have made in the first vehicle are not compatible in the second vehicle. And the same with the upgrades made in the second vehicle to the second vehicle. So, when you acquire a vehicle, you will need to upgrade from the start again. Take note too that only the third vehicle can reach the safe haven when fully upgraded.

In the first Earn To Die, one wheel upgrade is missing. But now, in Earn To Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Once again enjoy playing the first Earn to Die with all its improvements and upgrades. Kill as many zombies as possible. Try to run as far as your vehicle could. Do not forget to use your boost. You first vehicle is the small hatchback, the second is the old good pickup and the third and last is the heavy truck. To finish a game, you will need three vehicles.

The Earn to Die 4 is another addicting action adventure game. Go to the game’s fan site and Click to play Earn to die 4.