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Playing Vex game

If you are an adventurous gamer and you love adrenaline rush giving games, you should play Vex. See for yourself if you can manage in the Vex game. In this game, you will play as the stick figure which needs to get through to the exit door of each level. However, it would not be an adventure if there are no obstacles to go through. So you have to be careful as you try to find exit doors.

The game starts with a Tutorial Stage. It serves as an introduction to the game flow and more info will be disclosed. You will be taught of the controls of the game and how you will go through the course of the level or Act as they are called in this game. As you journey, you need to be very careful not to touch or be caught in any obstacles. These obstacles are deadly, even the slightest contact will kill you. When you die, you will have to restart from the beginning of the Act or from the last checkpoint you have reached. There are checkpoints along the way represented by flags. Run through them to record your progress. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed.

There are eight Acts to get through. Run, jump, slide, swim or swim your way to the end. Just make sure to avoid the deadly impediments. Your goal in each Act is to reach the exit door as fast as you can. Take note also that you cannot jump off too high, it would be fatal. Climbing is also possible by jumping from wall to wall. To slide, you need to run with momentum then duck. There is also a bonus stage after the eighth Act, the Credit Stage.

Another mode to play Vex is the Stage Builder. In this game mode, you can create your own stage. However, you need to play the pre-developed game first so you can unlock building packs which you will be using in building your stage. When you have built your own stage, you can play it for yourself or email it to the developers for a possibility of being included in the Vex Community. Venture in this challenging yet addicting Vex game. Check the game fan site to play Vex.

Your typical car Parking game upsized in Park my Big Rig 3

If you have a thing about cars and trucks but racing is not how you to check on how good a driver is, the Park My Big Rig 3 is the game for you. Of course you have played all the car racing and car parking games out there, but how about if we upsize the vehicle you are driving.

Park trucks, dozers and other heavy equipment like a professional. The game lets you experience on how hard is it to be a trucker. You need to fit the truck on tight spaces and look for incoming vehicles as well. There is even a stage where you need to park across an active rail, where a train occasionally passes by. Drive the vehicle using the arrow keys to the designated parking point, there are some stages where the start point is on the top, so the left and right button will be inverted. You need different driving techniques for different vehicles in Park my Big Rig 3. Dozers and dump trucks are the easy ones, as if you are driving an oversized car. On the other hand trailers need more space when going in a curve, and it is very difficult to maneuver the truck with the trailer behind it. There is a score that decays over time, you will get more if you can park the vehicle faster. There are 20 challenging levels in total, and after finishing the last one you can create your own stage. You have 5 lives, and if you use them all up, game over.

If you are driving a large vehicle it doesn’t mean you can plow through all kinds of stuff in the road. In the game, touch even a single cone, and your vehicle will be totaled. Yes, I also find it weird. Share your scores in social media after you get game over, with just one click. Can you finish all 20 levels and unlock the super custom truck? Or will you fail and be a amateur driver for the rest of your life? Try out Park my Big Rig 3 now!

Jump, roll and dodge in Red Ball

Red Ball has been one of the most successful flash game series existing online. There are three reasons why this is very successful and popular. One reason is because it involves balls and squares. Second reason is because it is continuing or progressing which is one of the characteristics of a series because if not, it will not be considered like one. Third reason is because it is entertaining because of the adventures it offers to gamers.

Since it is the first offering, there are expectations that gamers and creators have towards this inaugural edition. It is the one that will start the story and game play that will eventually evolve as the series progresses. The objective is to reach safe exits or portals in order to advance to the next level. The protagonist is the red ball that must avoid obstacles and defeat the black ball at the end. This is a matter of proper rolling and jumping as well as timing.

Revitalize your killer instinct in Gun Mayhem Redux

Shooting games are popular in the gaming world through the years because of three things. First is because of the involvement of shooting weapons that most people are very passionate about. Second is because of the adrenaline rush that is being released whenever an action is being created in the game. Last is because of the tremendous gameplay that they offer to entertain gamers around the world. One perfect example is the one called Gun Mayhem Redux.

This is the newest and latest edition from the game series called Gun Mayhem. From the title, you can easily tell that it has something to do with guns and shooting adventure. Your mission as the player in this game is to kill or eliminate your opponents with the given shooting weapons. Try your best to quickly defeat the opponents in each mode. You can easily engage with this game at Have a blast now!

More action in Worms Level 2

The tough and awesome invertebrate is back for more action in Worms Level 2. The game starts with our favorite worm going out of his hiding place and entering a demolished house. There, he finds a radio that keeps on repeating coordinates to a shelter. The mission of the game is to help your worm locate the shelter. However, it won’t be an easy journey because there will be various zombie worms and other enemies keen on killing you. This is where your weapons come in. Shoot and slash through your opponents with deadly grace! The controls of the game are very easy. It is best to check the instructions first in order to familiarize yourself with the controls of the game.

Help your worm find safety in Worms Level 2! What are you waiting for? Play now!