Click and play Earn to Die 4

Zombie games are scary yet exciting to play. Zombies were introduced as the undead and are foul creatures which will either infect you or eat you. When they scratch you or had bitten you, you could also turn into one of them. and if you do enjoy zombie games, Click to play Earn to die. The Earn To Die game series is a zombie game where you need to escape by driving a vehicle and run-over zombies.

In playing Earn To Die, you drive as far as possible while running over zombies which are trying to stop you. you earn cash for the number of zombies killed and the distance you have reached. Every run is equivalent to a day. At the end of the day, you need to upgrade your vehicle for better performance. The areas to upgrade are the boost, wheels, transmissions, fuel, engines and weapon. It would be better to upgrade your fuel tank first to reach longer distance. Click to play Earn to die.

To finish a game of Earn to Die, you will need three vehicles. Only, the upgrades you have made in the first vehicle are not compatible in the second vehicle. And the same with the upgrades made in the second vehicle to the second vehicle. So, when you acquire a vehicle, you will need to upgrade from the start again. Take note too that only the third vehicle can reach the safe haven when fully upgraded.

In the first Earn To Die, one wheel upgrade is missing. But now, in Earn To Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Once again enjoy playing the first Earn to Die with all its improvements and upgrades. Kill as many zombies as possible. Try to run as far as your vehicle could. Do not forget to use your boost. You first vehicle is the small hatchback, the second is the old good pickup and the third and last is the heavy truck. To finish a game, you will need three vehicles.

The Earn to Die 4 is another addicting action adventure game. Go to the game’s fan site and Click to play Earn to die 4.

Play Red Ball 1 without walkthrough help

If you want to relax and be entertained during your free time, the best thing to do is to play Red Ball game series. It is a physics-based adventure game that is truly addicting yet enjoyable to play. Challenge yourself until you finish the game. This is a fast paced game where you will be rolling and jumping but make sure that you won’t be caught in traps or get in touch with foes. Do not let yourself fall down from platforms.

There are seventeen levels in red ball 1. Every level is good enough to measure your intelligence even you are playing online games. You might find the first few levels easy because those are the tutorial stage. Every level is distinctive from one another. Aside from the overview of new hurdles in each level, there are also new problems presented for you to solve. There also checkpoints strategically located in each and every level. Those checkpoints are represented by miniature red flags. Make a roll through them to raise the flag. Your development will be noted by the game when the flag is upraised. In case you lose a life, you will be taken back to the last checkpoint you have passed.

Your main mission in every level is to reach the red flag at finish line of the level. Though, expect and be ready because that is no simple journey. There are hindrances to overcome including some problems to solve as you continue on your adventure up to the end of the level. Some levels may seem impossible to finish too but definitely possible. You have nothing to worry because all levels are capable of being solved. As a proof, you can find videos of other players showing how they got through each level of red ball 1.

To enjoy the game, visit red ball fan sites. The game is totally free. Meaning there is nothing to pay at all. You need not to log in to or make an account before playing. If you see sites asking you to pay to log in or make an account, leave such sites straightaway.

Online gaming sites

Do you enjoy spending some of your free time playing online games? Do you love flash games? Flash games are those short games that could be developed more, hence, the advent of game series. After you have finished a flash game, you would wish there is more to play.

There are sites which will offer you tons of online games. However, some of those sites will ask you for your credit card or bank account information or simply, payment facts. Some sites will ask you to create an account or log into a pre-created account. But why spend your cash or need to go through the hassle of creating or logging into an account when you can play totally free and directly?

There are sites which offer games to play totally for free. One of these sites is Plimpi. You can simply search or type Plimpi on your browser to find the link to the gaming site. Once there, you will find a lot of online games of all genre. Looking for a game is very easy too. The interface of the site is very friendly. There are several ways to find your game or look for an appealing game for you. You can search the game by name at the search bar. Or if you are simply looking for something to play, choose the genre you like: adventure, action, shooting, racing, puzzle, strategy or even girls games. The game icons also make it easy for you to find your favorite games. Plus, if you hover on an icon, the game name will also appear.

There are other options on the interface. You will find the privacy policy, the icon to contact the site developers and the information about the site. There is also a gift icon. This is the link for random games. If you have no particular game to play in mind, you can click this icon and be challenged by the game that will appear.

Plimpi is a collection of free games online. It is a one stop place for all games you like and could love playing. Try playing different kinds of games. Look for Plimpi every day to find new games or new linked games too. Visit Plimpi and have fun with tons of games.

Kill the enemies in Strike Force Heroes 3

If you are looking for an exciting action-packed game to play online, the Strike Force Heroes game series is a must-play game for you then. Enjoy shooting all enemies on the screen and pick up power-ups. There are some games which have the same gameplay, but you will surely not get bored with Strike Force Heroes for it has a variety of goals which will keep you enthusiast as you play.

The third installment, Strike Force Heroes 3, is said to be the longest and hardest in the series and the most sophisticated in terms of graphics. It has several video clips which make the game story more realistic. There are fifty missions for you to get through. The first twenty missions are tagged as normal in difficulty, the next nine missions are said to be harder than the first twenty and the remaining missions are the most difficult part of the game. Each mission has different objectives and different rewards as well. Among the rewards are cash, a new strike force hero, new weapon for your hero or combinations of these. You also get to unlock the next mission. You can spend your cash in upgrading your heroes as well as its accessories.

Strike Force Heroes 3’s concept is similar to some games in terms of the main objective: kill all enemies on sight. However, it differs in the goal of every mission. Some missions will ask you to kill a specified number of enemy soldiers; some will give you a time frame to kill a specific number of enemy soldiers; and a lot more objectives. These different objectives also make Strike Force Heroes games more exciting and sensational than some games.

Strike Force Heroes 3 is an addicting challenging defense game full of action. If you like war-like games, you will surely enjoy playing and would probably ask for more. Only, it is not advisable to play it on slow computers because of the high quality graphics. What more, it is totally free to play. There is nothing to pay and there is no need to create or log on into any account in order to play.

Hunt treasures in Duck Life 5

If you are looking for an adventure game full of action yet will not give you stress, you should try playing Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt. From the successful game series Duck Life, comes the fifth installment. But unlike in the first four prequels where you will train your duckling and join racing tournaments, duck life 5 brings a new game play.

In duck life 5, you will not be training your duckling anymore as a preparation for races and tournaments. Instead, you will be hunting treasures and rare artifacts in the cave of the volcano. After the Fire Duck had been defeated, rumors have it that there are hidden treasures in the depths of the now dormant volcano. Treasure hunters all over the world are now flowing in the cave in search for the said treasures. Be the first to find these treasures to loot on them.

There are no more trainings and tournaments to win in Duck Life 5. The racing game has turned into a full adventure game. A lot of changes and improvements were made. For one, the once one game shop has been divided into several game shops. Outside the volcano cave, you will find six game shops. These are the Mechanic Shop where you can buy tools and accessories, the Pet Shop where you can buy pets, the JetPack Shop where you can purchase jetpacks, the Hairdresser and the Clothing stores where you can personalized your duckling and the Witch Ducktor Store where you can buy tools to collect more coins. All items in the game shops are not simply decorative; they add some boosts to your skills or are useful in your journey.

When you play the game, you will be confronted by some Challenges you should surpass. Try to achieve these challenges for better score points. As you explore the inside of the cave, try to collect as much coin as you can to add to your cash. The pets, tools and accessories from the game shops are quite expensive. It will help you a lot in your quest to acquire all or some of them. Visit the site for more information and to also be able to play the game for free.